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Static Electrics - Payment Plans.

Step 1:

Book an appointment with our office to provide you a “free” quote on the electrical or air conditioning works your require.

Step 2.

If you’re happy with the price, accept our quote! You can call the office on 1300 139 039 to accept or alternatively there is an accept quote link in the email of the quote.

Step 3.

Our office team does the paper work to get you approved for the “no interest ever – payment plan” This paper work generally takes about 24 hours to finalize. Some conditions apply*

Step 4. 

Once the paper work is approved, our team will order the required parts. Once the parts arrive in stock we will call to book the works in for the next available time.

So how does it work?

We offer payment plans based on our RRP for the type of works. We cover all type of works from electrical to air conditioning. If you choose not to use the payment plan and you pay a 45% deposit for the works, then the balance on completion.  We will offer a special discounted price off our RRP.

Is there really no interest? 

Yes, there is 100% no interest ever for the payments plan. We send all the relevant paper work so you can see how the costing breakdown including the repayments per fortnight for the value of your works. We can tailor the payments to suit from 6 months – 36 months and you can also pay a deposit if you would prefer.

What requirements do I need to meet?

To be eligible for the payment plan you must be full time employed. You must also have a current valid ID/drivers license. You must also provide us with some additional information to be able to arrange for the approval of the “no interest – payment plan” We will do all the paperwork on your behalf to make the process as simple as possible. We act fast and proactive with the process and will get it done as fast as possible.


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At Static Electrics, we like to offer these payment plans to help make your electrical, air conditioning or solar project more affordable. This payment plan option allows you to keep your funds in your account and make the repayments flexible and affordable on a fortnightly basis. Give us a call for your next project if you want to shop today and pay over time!

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