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Static Electrics - Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning.

Static Electrics provide air conditioning services across the whole of the Sunshine Coast and neighbouring suburbs offering residential and commercial air conditioning installations, repairs, and maintenance. Whether you’re melting in the Queensland summers or shivering in the winter, we have a system that’s right for your lifestyle, timeframe, and budget. With over 3 decades of experience in the industry and a team of highly qualified certified aircon contractors, we strive to constantly deliver top quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.

We use the highest quality air conditioning systems from Daikin coupled with the latest software to give you the highest possible standard of air conditioning in the Sunshine Coast. We’re also an advantage Myair dealer and can provide Smart controls for ducted systems allowing you to control your individual air conditioning requirements for each room via a touch screen panel. From small domestic aircon units to complex commercial air conditioning and refrigeration, we’ve got you covered.

New Air Conditioning.

Are you looking for a new air conditioning system? We can supply and install all leading brands of split system and ducted air conditioners.

Air Conditioning Repairs.

Repairs to all leading brands and makes of air conditioning systems. Our buying power means our clients save money.

Free Quotes.

“Free” in home quotes for new installations across the Sunshine Coast. We can also provide desktop quotes for new home installations.

MYAIR 5 Dealer.

We are an advantage air MYAIR 5 dealer. We can provide smart controls for your ducted air conditioning system to enable customizable settings and programing.

What brands do we offer? 

Static offer all leading brands of air conditioning systems. We use Daikin as our preferred supplier of air conditioners. We can supply a system that meets your desired brand, budget or situation.

Why choose Static? 

When you are getting a new air conditioner it’s important to use a trusted company. We take pride in every installation and carry out our installations to above industry standard.

How does air conditioning work?

Essentially an air conditioner unit functions in a similar way to your refrigerator, only in reverse. In the winter it pulls in any heat from the outside air and brings it inside. In the summer months, a reverse cycle air conditioner unit does the opposite – cooling and conditioning the air indoors.

Today’s modern aircon units conserve energy and are designed for maximum comfort and ease of use while providing environmentally friendly climate control.

Stay Cool With Our Home Air Conditioning Systems

Queensland can be unbearably hot and sticky in the summer season and without air conditioning you’re likely to feel lethargic, sleep deprived, and even struggling to eat your meals. By installing aircon in your home, both you and your family will feel cool and re-energised the whole summer long.

Choosing The Right Air Conditioning System For You

Knowing which air conditioning system to choose for your home can be difficult because there are several factors to consider and balance against each other, such as the size and livable space of your property in relation to usage and economy. Don’t worry, our team of Sunshine Coast aircon technicians are extremely knowledgeable and will be able to give you expert advice and help you choose between a ducted or split system. Since we offer most leading brands you can also be sure that all advice is impartial with the focus being on what we consider is the best aircon system for your individual situation.

One call is all it takes

Having decided that you need home air conditioning, the procedure couldn’t be easier. All it takes is one phone call to our office. The friendly team will ask you a few questions in order to get an idea of just what you need before sending an experienced member of staff to your home. Our experienced quotation staff know all there is to know about our entire range and can recommend the best location and installation for you, in order to get the best out of your system. We also have experienced technicians in your area who can carry out even the most complex of installations.
Having established your best installation, we’ll supply a detailed quote to help you make up your mind.

Should you approve the quote and wish to proceed, the installation will be carried out promptly and to a high standard. Our technicians will work efficiently causing minimum disruption to your routine and treating your property with respect. Once the installation is completed you’ll be asked to inspect it to ensure that you’re pleased with the end result. All of our work is 100% guaranteed for total peace of mind. Before leaving, our technicians will tidy up around them and take the time to explain just how your new aircon unit works.

Breakdown repairs

You can almost guarantee that your air con will stop working just when you need it the most. Fortunately we’re poised to take your call and will send a technician to you just as quickly as we can. With a team of technicians covering the whole of the Sunshine Coast, there’s never one far from where you are.

Our licensed and experienced Sunshine Coast technicians will quickly diagnose the fault and, since they’re equipped with an extensive supply of spare parts for most leading brands, most times they can carry out the repair then and there.

Log book maintenance

Similar to a car, air conditioning systems need regular maintenance to ensure they’re in perfect working order; and in order to maintain their warranty, all equipment needs to be maintained.

Our log book maintenance service checks include:

• Drains
• Filters
• Gas pressures
• Duct work
• Housing condition
• Control dampers
• Piping where necessary

If you’d like to enquire about our air conditioning repair and maintenance services or to book a service for your existing aircon unit, then just give us a call on 1300 139 039 or use the simple contact form on the page.

Sunshine Coast Commercial Air Conditioning – Cool Offices, Happy Workers!

We know how difficult it can be to get your working head on when you’re feeling hot and bothered. By installing air conditioning in your office and work premises you’ll not only keep your staff happy and your business running smoothly, but you may benefit from increased production too.

Being without air con could be costing you money – so you need to get it sorted fast.

Flexible Solutions

Just as people are different to one another, so too are the aircon requirements of a business. Fortunately we don’t install a ‘one size fits all system’ instead we design an air conditioning system which meets your specific needs, timeframe, and budget, because let’s not forget, you have a business to run too.

Which type of air conditioner to choose?

Since we offer all leading brands of air conditioning systems, theres no hard sell on a particular brand. Instead all advice is non-biased and based on what the technician thinks will be best for you in the long run. Not sure whether you need a split system or ducted air conditioner? Don’t worry, we can explain how they both work. It all depends on various factors such as the size and location of your office, the hours you work, and the number of people you have working for you.

Top quality installations every time

At Static Electrics Sunshine Coast our highly qualified technicians are committed to delivering top quality installations, paying every attention to the detail, and with the minimum of disruption to
you, your staff, and your customers. Any mess they make is cleared as they work to avoid any health or safety issues.

Once the installation is completed they’ll take the time to show you and your team how your new aircon units work in order to maintain a comfortable temperature at all times. Our work is 100% guaranteed and we won’t leave until we’re certain that you’re 100% satisfied too.

Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning – Breakdowns and Services

Has your air conditioning packed up? Is it not performing as well as it should? Perhaps you need to book a maintenance service? There’s never a good time for air conditioning to stop working but fortunately at Static Electrics we’re always poised to come out at short notice. With a team of technicians operating in fully equipped service vans across the Sunshine Coast, there’s always one in your area. Just give us a call and we’ll send the nearest technician to you and get your air conditioning fixed fast. Give us a call on 1300 139 039 and we’ll be with you ASAP.

Affordable Service Plans

Air conditioning may be a necessity but it certainly doesn’t come cheap and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Just like any machinery regular servicing and cleaning will help it to last longer.

We’re more than happy to service your existing air conditioning systems on an ad hoc basis, but as an alternative we offer affordable maintenance and service plans tailored to your needs. Not only do these ensure your aircon system runs smoothly and to its optimum level, but they can save you money in the long run on repairs and downtime. Yes, they do incur additional expenditure each month, but we’re sure you’ll agree that the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Benefits of regular servicing and repairs

Peace of mind – Regular servicing helps keep your aircon units in a good working condition
keeping you comfortable throughout the year with less risk of them breaking down.

Increased energy efficiency – An aircon unit that has been well maintained will run more smoothly and efficiently, using less energy and saving you money

Keeps air hygienic – A service rids your aircon unit of any dust or mould which means cleaner air is circulated

Maintains your warranty – Regular servicing and maintenance is required to uphold the manufacturer’s warranty

Thanks to having a large team of qualified technicians we can offer our new and existing customers prompt and reliable repairs/services 24 hours a day. Whether we’re talking a small window unit or a multi storey building, we’ve got it covered.

Our technicians are always at the top of their game, due to continuous internal and external training because we understand that our service can only ever be as good as the people we employ.


Take control of your climate with Static Electrics Sunshine Coast top quality air conditioning services. Whether you’re looking to install or update your air conditioner unit, we can help.
We provide solutions for the home, office, retail store, restaurant, and warehouse, so give us a call now on 1300 139 039

No Interest Ever - Payment Plans!

Static Electrics offer “no interest ever! – payment plans”

Static Electrics is a Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning contractor which services all suburbs across the Sunshine Coast from Gympie to Brisbane. We have an immense focus on our customer’s satisfaction. When you choose Static Electrics to do your air conditioning works you can rest assured we take pride in quality workmanship, reliability and great pricing due to our buying power. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

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